Sunday, November 25, 2012

Free Website and Online Marketing Advice

It is relatively common knowledge that most small businesses fail because they are not able to connect with new customers, clients, or patients. Online consulting firm URWA Consulting is now offering a free service to help businesses from Denver to Fort Collins understand how to use their websites and the Internet to connect to new customers. Common areas evaluated include website performance, website lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (PPC), online display advertising, existing marketing contracts, Internet yellow pages, video marketing, mobile marketing, eMail marketing, and more.Call 303 217-3993 to schedule a consultation.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Free Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Many small businesses are not taking advantage of free online marketing opportunities even though online and smart phone use continue to grow throughout the U.S. URWA Consulting will continue to share free online marketing resources each month with subscribers to our blog. The rest of this post will focus on a few website tips, and the many free online directories that list companies for free.

First, make sure that you add html description for each page on your website. Also, when you write an html description of your website use some keywords that you would like to show up for in the search engine results page, make sure your phone number and contact information at the top of your page, and move the most important information to the top of the website so people don't have to scroll down to find what you want them to know.

One easy way to get a list of top directories and find out how your organization is listed is to go to Get You will be asked to type in your company name and a zip code, and then to submit your information. The results page will list how your organization appears on about 20 of the leading Internet directories. You can use the navigation in the left column to claim and revise your listings. Make sure you take advantage of everything that is free; photos, videos, descriptions, etc.

The next post will focus on how to use the free features of Google+ and Google+ Local.   

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mobile Websites

It appears that Open Table is offering free friendly mobile websites to its clients. Restaurants also are turning to text marketing to increase business during slower days / hours. URWA Consulting can show you case studies from restaurants using text marketing, and help you set up your own program if you wish.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New URWA Consulting Clients

URWA Consulting welcomes Thrive Colorado, TwinPeaks Dental, Flatirons Dental, HappyCat Pilates, Lookout Renovation, Salon Tres Ci, and Colorado Deck and Landscape as new clients in October. Most URWA Consulting clients are trying to get better retunrs from their websites and/or their online advertising. If you would like to discuss your situation contact URWA Consulting at 303 217-3993, or learn about URWA Consulting at

Friday, September 28, 2012

Website Lead Generation and Internet Advertising

Many of the business owners that URWA Consulting meets with in Denver and throughout Colorado find themselves disappointed with the results of their online advertising. They wonder why their websites do not generate more leads from local searches. Often, they feel like their online advertising is not working.

Part of the problem is that most business owners hear what sounds like a great pitch from an Internet advertising company. Some Denver Internet marketing companies even show reports from Internet marketing clients. Yet, the majority of business owners in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Fort Collins do not know the difference between SEO, a title tag, pay-per-click, and Google+. This makes it more likely that will fall for a good Internet advertising sales pitch, sign up for online marketing services that they do not need, and make a bad online marketing decision.

To avoid making bad decisions on your company's online advertising and marketing business owners need to speak with current and past clients of the Internet advertising company who are in the same type of business. Another option, is to hire an experienced Internet marketing agency or an Internet consulting firm.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who Uses Mobile Search Coupons

The link below takes you to a great article by Search Engine Land on the use of coupons via mobile marketing by industry;

I found it worth taking notice of the article titles at the bottom of the page too. Particularly the article that indicates that users within 1 to 2 miles are most likely to use coupons. If you need to make sure your web site is properly formatted for mobile searches give us a call at 303 217-3993, and ask for our Managing Partner Jeff, or go to the web site at and fill out the form on the home page.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Outside Sales Jobs Available

Online Media company is hiring several outside sales people. Flexible hours. Work from home. Earn $2k to $5k monthly, and build residual income from sales. Skills needed are Internet savy, personal computer, Internet access, transportation, and cell phone.  Call Jeff at 303 217-3993 for more information or send resume and cl to

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Time On Smart Phones Continues to Increase

URWA Consulting clients can now develop custom websites and mobile applications to meet the demands of their smart phone customers. With more and more screen time going from TVs and PCs it can be important to consider your customers buying journey. Do mobile searches play a part? If you are a bail bondsmen, towing company, restaurant, spa, florist, or almost any B2C business, you may want to consider how a custom mobile website or mobile application can drive more leads to your business. Call URWA Consulting at 303 217-3993 and ask for our Managing Partner; Jeff, or go to and LiveChat with someone right now!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Advertising That Consumers Trust

A recent survey by the Nielsen Company showed that people most trusted 1. recommendations from  people they know, 2. online consumer reviews, 3. recognozed brand websites, and 4.editorial content over any form of advertising' including; TV, Billboards, Magazine, Radio, email, video, and online advertisements. Click the following link to access the study, and call Denver Internet Marketing firm URWA Consulting at 303 562-4744 to have a Media Consultant discuss how to develop your own online marketing recommendation, review, brand development, and editorial program. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Denver Online Marketing Clients

URWA Consulting welcomed Colorado Home Exterior, Watervale Homes, and Shmittick Electric as new clients last week.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Social Media Management, Technologies, and Tools

Social Medial Management, Monitoring, and Infrastructure

Management - Companies like Buddy Media, Vitrue, Wildfire, and ThisMoment all offer tools that allow you to manage multiple social channels, and create custom campaigns and pages to reach users on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These companies enhance existing social networks with brand engagement tools like contests, quizzes, polls, and branded content.


Businesses are learning that they also understand the need to listen to the online conversation going on about their business. A number of companies that help businesses make sense of online conversations, like Radian6, Collective Intellect, and Sysomos all offer tools that help you understand what customers and users are saying about your business.


Today, businesses are providing a social experience on their websites. Major media sites like The Huffington Post,, , as well as Pepsi, Microsoft, Wal-mart and the NFL have added social media connectivity in much of their content. That’s how social infrastructure is being used to keeping website users engaged, and to building relationships with them when they visit your web properties. Companies like BazaarVoice, Mass Relevance, and others offer a number of tools designed to bring social experiences to websites. Products like social login, sharing, comments, and activity feeds are designed to give users a social experience while providing sites permission-based access to users’ social data.

The best way to determine how to use social media is to ask yourself; how do I reach and understand users when they are on social networks, and how do I relate to users when they are on my site?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Take Care When Hiring an SEO Company

It is a big red flag when a SEO company tells you that they have a set fee to optimize your website for a specific number of keywords. Why? Good optimization takes into consideration how competitive the vertical your business is in, and the geographic area that you need to be optimized for. For example, to optimize the website of a attorney in Denver, Colorado is much more difficult and competitive than optimizing a machine grinder in Highlands Ranch, CO.

To ensure high visibility for the attorney you would ant to optimize and maesure an entire category of keywords that could number into the hundreds. Whereas the machine giender could probably optimize around a handful of key words with search volume be quite visibe on the results page of the major search engines.

If you have hired a SEO company that does not take the time to understand your business, industry, and market consider looking for other options. If you don't know where to turn, and you need expert advice at a very reasonable cost, call URWA Consulting at 303 562-4744 and ask for Jeff.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Google's Authorship Program Boosts Search Engine Rankings

Please use the link below to read about how Google's Authorship program can boost your search engine rankings.

If you want to set up a meeting to discuss this further contact your URWA Consulting Media Consultant, call 303 562-4744, or go to the company website at and request a meeting.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is Google Places Over?

Google looks like they will merge Google Places with Google+ Pages. It was reported that 80 million Google Places pages were replaced by Google+ Local Pages. Although we can not confirm this yet, we expect that this will ultimately become a reality. Talk to your URWA Consulting Media Consultant or Account Manager by calling 303 217-3993 or contacting us on the webite at to find out how this will affect your business, and what you can do to capitalize on the changes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome New Clients to URWA Consulting

URWA Consulting welcomes Aardvark Construction Company, Drain America, High Resolution Plumbing, and Innate Wisdom Health as new clients. Review their websites at:

Online Directory Searches Decline is Social Media's Gain

Online yellow page directories are not in high demand with today's online audience. The two charts below show that since early in 2010 a decline in searches for the leading Internet Yellow Page Directories has occured while a dramatic increase in searches for social media like Facebook and YouTube has occured.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maximize Your Google Adwords Campaign

Understanding Quality Score

Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to a person seeing your ad. Having a high Quality Score means that our systems think your ad, keyword, and landing page are all relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad. Having a low Quality Score, on the other hand, means that your ads, keywords, and landing page probably aren't as relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad (Google, 2012). 

In a nutshell, higher Quality Scores typically lead to lower costs and better ad positions. The AdWords system works best for everybody – advertisers, customers, publishers, and Google – when the ads we show are relevant, closely matching what customers are looking for. Relevant ads tend to earn more clicks, appear in a higher position, and bring you the most success.

Using the link below, you can learn more about quality score, and even check the quality score of your adwords;

Using the website you can get help with virtually any online marketing question, and hire your own online marketing department for $194 a month with no contract; from Facebook to Twitter to Mobile Applications to website lead generation, and everything else digital. Call 303 217-3993 and ask for our Managing Partner; Jeff.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bimg Powered Searches Rise to 30% in April, 2012

As you evaluate your pay-per-click and SEO programs you may want to consider whether Bing deserves more of your attention and budget.

Microsoft’s search engine Bing now accounts for 30% of U.S. web searches in April 2012, according to a Experian Hitwise report . The 30% includes searches from and Bing-powered searches on, and the websites of some other partners. Bing-powered searches rose 5% and searches rose 6% month-over-month, respectively. The number of Google searches dropped 3% from the month previous and 11% from the same period in 2011, accounting for 64.42% of U.S. searches in April. Bing-powered search, on the other hand, gained 11% in year-over-year percentages

Monday, May 7, 2012

Building Your Facebook Likes

Many business want to build their Facebook likes so they can engage with their "A" customers, and find new ones. The best way to accomplish this is to provide your Facebook followers with offers, special promotions, and engaging content. Once you establish a reason for your "A" followers to read your posts they are much more likely to recommend you to their friends and followers. Make sure that you ask your new customers to "Like You" on Facebook with in-store signs, on your business cards, of course on your website, and on your offline marketing material. Keep your expectations conservative for the first six to twelve months as you continue to post engaging content. Don't be disappointed if your followers don't grow as fast as you would like.  Eventually, you're going to see your audience grow, and all the while you will have been posting new content to help your SEO. Find more online marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media tips at

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Many Companies Promise Results and Deliver Very Little

Every day, URWA Consulting clients are approached by a new SEO firm, or an Internet Marketing Agency promising page one Google results, or an online marketing company that sends then a report about their online presence or page rank. The reality is that there are a few very good service providers, and a huge majority of companies that tell good stories but deliver very little. When the day is done your website and online marketing are only as good as the new leads, sales, or conversions that they generate. Even more important is how you measure the value of your website and online marketing, If you feel having online markting experts watching out for your interest and not selling anything except their ability to earn your trust and demonstrate that the impact of professional Internet marketing, then go to and fill out the form on the home page, or call 303 562-4744.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Online Lead Generation Case Study Webinar from URWA Consulting

URWA Consulting clients can see real online lead generation case studies during their lunch hour while they sit at their desk. The first webinar will take plave in Mid-may and feature two B2C companies that have successfully used their websites to generate new leads. Email for the dates, or "Like Us" of Facebook from the website, and get regular updates.

Google+ New Share Button

Anybody notice the new "Share" button on Google+. The new button lets website operators to more easily share content among connections on Google’s social network. Google continues to look for new ways to compete in the social media space. No doubt they will continue to make the Google+ user interface easier to use. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Long Tail Matters in Local Search


Research shows that online buyers are searching with more specificity than ever before. So, if you want to be found online youneed to find the keywords that matter for your bsinbess and include specific content on your website.

 The sales conversation, and your sales process, historically handled in person or on the phone by your sales and customer service teams, now has to take place online. Your website needs to replicate precisely what was once the sole domain of your staff. That “domain” now belongs to your website.

If your company’s products or services don’t show up in search results when buyers do their long tail search, you risk losing out to a competitor that has that information and does show up.

Source: Susan Orr, Thomas Industrial Netwrok

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SEO and PPC Case Studies

URWA Consulting clients can share news about their business, offer discounts, and add new customers by subscribing to URWA Consulting's new newsletter, and emailing their information to Anyone interested in online marketing technology, local search technology, or how successful companies are using the Internet to grow should subcribe. Just go to and click on the link to the company blog in the left column under the link to the company Facebook page. and AT&T Interactive Sold!

An affiliate of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. (Cerberus) has agreed to acquire AT&T Advertising Solutions and AT&T Interactive. The new entity will include AT&T's The Real Yellow Pages® print directories,, the YPSM Local Ad Network, and the YPmobile® app.

What's most interesting is that the business units generated approximately $3.3 billion in revenues in 2011, yet sold for a reported 950 million for a 53% stake. While of course both parties publicly claim how everyone benfits from this deal, business owners can only wonder what is happening to the once proud and growing yellow page industry.

Recent analysis shows Internet Yellow Page directories are experiencing a downward turn similar to their predecessor – the Yellow Pages phone book

Dear Business Owner,

Online Yellow Page directories are not in high demand with today’s more discriminating audience. This downward trend is evident upon examination of the Google Trends graph (Fig.1) shown below.

Google Trends
Business owners who want to achieve measurable results with their online marketing can learn more about the technologies that are generating measurable returns and new leads at

With Google’s dominance online, the advent of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms, it would appear that any hope the Yellow Pages industry had in recovering lost revenue by channeling their focus to online directories may be short lived. Whatever claims are being made within the online Yellow Page industry, one fact is very clear, when you compare online visitors that use Google and other social media platforms to visitors using online yellow Page directories, the latter group is barely a blip on the radar as evident in the Google Trends graph (Fig. 2) shown above.

It’s a rare occasion when we find a small business owner experiencing a return on their internet Yellow Pages advertising investment.

We are seeing more and more small and medium sized businesses experience remarkable results with customized marketing plans that focus on search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and a well thought out social media strategy.

What should you do when marketing and advertising strategies are in such fluctuation and traditional methods no longer work?

Call URWA Consulting for a free consultation to learn how to market and stay ahead of your competition.

With more than 40 years of industry experience by our founding partners, URWA Consulting opened its doors in July of 2011 and provides discounted customized online marketing solutions with proven performance based solutions. Our client results have surpassed any of their previous online marketing endeavors, particularly those associated with online yellow pages.

Our clients value the services we offer. They thank us (see image) and send us referrals. We do not require long-term contracts and our clients can terminate their relationship with us at any time for any reason.

I’m convinced we can provide you with superior service to what you have been experiencing from any online Yellow Page advertising. It doesn’t make sense to rent space on an online Yellow Pages directory when you can establish online equity on your own.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Internet Marketing Jobs Available

Internet marketing sales professionals who want exclusive territory rights to market URWA Consulting SEO, website development, SEM, video marketing, social media, e-commerce, and lead generation services in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, and throughout the Rocky Mountain West should contact the company at, or call the company at 303 562-4744.

Internet Marketing Blogs Worth Following

Finding SEO/SEM Marketing Experts

Business owners who are having trouble keeping up with the latest ways to market their business online should consider following some of the top Internet marketing blogs. It takes almost no time to read daily updates, and there is often a wealth of information. You can follow them by subscribing from their blog home page. URWA Consulting at has listed links to a few top Internet marketing blogs that business owners may want to follow. They include,, and  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SEO and Getting Started With Link Building

One of the easiest ways to start building links into your website is to submit your website to leading general web directories and directories in your market segment. Consider everything from manufacturers, local government sources, and your local chamber of commerce. Some of the more popular directories are: DMOZ (the open directory project), Yahoo directories,, Contact your URWA Consulting Media Consultant for more tips on link building at

Monday, February 20, 2012

Top Social Media Tools

The Tools of Social Media Experts

A great article published by Cindy King listed 13 tools that social media experts find most helpful. They are listed below:

Google Alerts
Google Reader
Hootesuite Publisher
Social Oomph
Nutshell Mail

Get an analysis of your social media marketing by URWA Consulting at, or by calling 303 217-3993.  Read the full article at the SocialMediaExaminer website at

Friday, February 17, 2012

URWA Consulting Blog

Welcome to the URWA Consulting blog! Check back often for updates and information about our wide array of services.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Google Serious About Your Website Privacy Policy!

Google is getting serious about their requirements for Adwords customers to have links to their privacy policy on all website pages requesting personal information. We have seen programs pulled down (by Google) within the last week because they did not meet Google's minimum standards with their privacy policy. For information type "Google privacy policy" into your browser, go to, or go to and speak with a media consultant.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

URWA to Launch New Website

URWA Consulting will launch a revised website at in Q1 2012. The site will let the owners of small to medium sized businesses get help with their Internet marketing and /or speak directly to a consultant within minutes directly from the URWA Consulting home page.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mobile Applications for Under $300

Denver businesses that find more customers trying to find them on their mobile phones can have custom applications built to help consumers find and contact them for $200 to $500. For more infromation contact URWA Consulting at 303 562-4744, or through the company website at

Small Business Internet Marketing Consultants

URWA Consulting is inceasing its monthly fee for Internet Consulting Services from $169 to $194 monthly beginning Feb. 1, 2012. For complete infromation on the company's Internet marketing service in the Denver metro area, and in Colorado go to their website at

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Google+ SEO Benefits

Results from Google+ will now be pushed up the results rankings. The key to this change is that Google will be indexing more of its own content and less of its rivals Twitter and Facebook.To take advantage of this changes URWA clients should complete their Google+ profiles with keyword rich content that their customers might find usefull.URWA clients can find instructions at