Friday, September 28, 2012

Website Lead Generation and Internet Advertising

Many of the business owners that URWA Consulting meets with in Denver and throughout Colorado find themselves disappointed with the results of their online advertising. They wonder why their websites do not generate more leads from local searches. Often, they feel like their online advertising is not working.

Part of the problem is that most business owners hear what sounds like a great pitch from an Internet advertising company. Some Denver Internet marketing companies even show reports from Internet marketing clients. Yet, the majority of business owners in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Fort Collins do not know the difference between SEO, a title tag, pay-per-click, and Google+. This makes it more likely that will fall for a good Internet advertising sales pitch, sign up for online marketing services that they do not need, and make a bad online marketing decision.

To avoid making bad decisions on your company's online advertising and marketing business owners need to speak with current and past clients of the Internet advertising company who are in the same type of business. Another option, is to hire an experienced Internet marketing agency or an Internet consulting firm.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who Uses Mobile Search Coupons

The link below takes you to a great article by Search Engine Land on the use of coupons via mobile marketing by industry;

I found it worth taking notice of the article titles at the bottom of the page too. Particularly the article that indicates that users within 1 to 2 miles are most likely to use coupons. If you need to make sure your web site is properly formatted for mobile searches give us a call at 303 217-3993, and ask for our Managing Partner Jeff, or go to the web site at and fill out the form on the home page.