Friday, February 28, 2014

Businesses Need a Marketing Expert

There's no end to the list of online advertising companies, SEO firms, and website developers that want to sell online advertising to small business owners. What small business owners need are experts to ensure that their web presence supports their business or practice objectives for the lowest cost possible. All small business marketing should fall into one of the following buckets; attract prospects, engage prospects, convert prospects to leads & customers, measure outcomes, and optimize the business marketing. If that's not happening for you, call 303 223-4988 to discuss your situation, or go to URWA Consulting.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

URWA welcomes the Silver Law Firm, Conscious Dental, Dry Creek Dental, and Homeguard Restoration as new clients.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

9 Steps to Lead Generation Marketing

Good marketing takes place throughout the entire customer buying cycle. Stop thinking about keywords, content and SEO. Start thinking about your customers. Specifically, what do they want, when do they want it, and how can you give it to them.

Steps to successful lead generation marketing...

1. Learn the customer buying cycle for each unique customer group that you serve.
2. Consider what your prospective customer wants throughout their buying cycle.
3. Develop the content and information that prospective buyers want.
4. Make that content easy to access on your website with unique landing pages, calls to action, offers and solid meta data.
5. Use both digital and traditional marketing tools to let prospective customers, clients, or patients now that you have what they are looking for.
6. Give them some of what they want, and ask the to log in or register with their email to get the rest.
7. Begin lead nurturing and conversion processes based on each groups buying cycle needs.
8. Measure everything that you can; visitors, sources, calls, conversions, etc.
9. Continue optimizing your marketing based on your data.

Taking these steps will greatly increase your odds of getting results with the best return on your investment. If you want Denver-based Internet Marketing firm URWA Consulting to develop a measurable program for you call us at (303) 223-4988, or click the FREE HELP TODAY link on the website.