Sunday, October 21, 2012

Free Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Many small businesses are not taking advantage of free online marketing opportunities even though online and smart phone use continue to grow throughout the U.S. URWA Consulting will continue to share free online marketing resources each month with subscribers to our blog. The rest of this post will focus on a few website tips, and the many free online directories that list companies for free.

First, make sure that you add html description for each page on your website. Also, when you write an html description of your website use some keywords that you would like to show up for in the search engine results page, make sure your phone number and contact information at the top of your page, and move the most important information to the top of the website so people don't have to scroll down to find what you want them to know.

One easy way to get a list of top directories and find out how your organization is listed is to go to Get You will be asked to type in your company name and a zip code, and then to submit your information. The results page will list how your organization appears on about 20 of the leading Internet directories. You can use the navigation in the left column to claim and revise your listings. Make sure you take advantage of everything that is free; photos, videos, descriptions, etc.

The next post will focus on how to use the free features of Google+ and Google+ Local.   

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mobile Websites

It appears that Open Table is offering free friendly mobile websites to its clients. Restaurants also are turning to text marketing to increase business during slower days / hours. URWA Consulting can show you case studies from restaurants using text marketing, and help you set up your own program if you wish.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New URWA Consulting Clients

URWA Consulting welcomes Thrive Colorado, TwinPeaks Dental, Flatirons Dental, HappyCat Pilates, Lookout Renovation, Salon Tres Ci, and Colorado Deck and Landscape as new clients in October. Most URWA Consulting clients are trying to get better retunrs from their websites and/or their online advertising. If you would like to discuss your situation contact URWA Consulting at 303 217-3993, or learn about URWA Consulting at