Tuesday, September 29, 2015

5 Simple Steps to Successful Online Marketing

All buyers make only two decisions; whether or not to buy, and who to buy from.

The most effective marketing seeks to find buyers who have shown that they are interested in buying, and then influence their buying decision. You accomplish this by solving buyer problems, answering their questions, meeting their needs, and leveraging their behaviors to influence their buying decision.

Follow the following steps to start selling directly to buyers who have already decided to buy, and are deciding who to buy from.

1- Identify your customer types, groups, or personas.
2- Establish initial customer value (first transaction) and life-time customer values for each customer type.
3- Decide which type(s) of customer(s) you want more of.
4- Map the typical buying process for each customer type targeted.
5- Build a plan how, where, when, and what content and offers to use to influence your customers throughout each phase of their buying journey.

URWA clients succeed because… we don’t sell anything! We use our collective 45 years of experience to focus on solutions. Call (303) 223-4988 ext. 1, or email warren@urwaconsulting.com. URWAConsulting does not accept all clients. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Marketing Challenge: Getting Potential Buyers to Know About You

     One way to ensure that your business is known is to advertise so much that everyone who might be a customer someday knows about your business. It's a completely different approach to identify your most likely buyers, understand their buying process, and earn their business by helping them get answers to their questions solve their problems, and meet their needs.

     The first approach can be effective. It is also expensive; often using mass media like radio, TV, direct mail, outdoor, print, and other media to cast a broad net. If you take the second approach, which we call customer buying cycle marketing, you can target you message and media to influence active buyers as they move through their own buying journey.  This method is less expensive, generates higher returns on your marketing dollars, and enables you to generate add-on sales based on your relationship and referrals.

     Digital media like email, the Internet and mobile phones have changed how buyers get information. Just take a look at the image below from Norton-Norris which compares the old and new buying cycles for students looking at colleges;

To have URWA Consulting identify your top customer types and map their buying cycles contact us at (303) 223-4988, email your questions to info@urwaconsulting.com, or immediately speak with a customer service representative through our  website LiveChat

URWA Consulting is a Denver, Colorado marketing firm that has represented more than 150 Front Range businesses and organizations, and helped them make the right decisions about their marketing.

URWA specializes in identifying any organizations best customer types, mapping their buying cycles, developing and implementing marketing programs that influence each customer type throughout their buying journey, negotiating discounts for services, finding expert vendors, managing marketing efforts, measuring results, and optimizing our client's marketing based on their needs and their marketing results.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Free Guide to Digital Advertising

Advertising is way more complicated than in the past. Print, billboards, radio and TV are not the dominant sources for consumers to get information. Online marketing leader Marketo offers a free guide to digital advertising, and it's a great way for any business owner and marketers to learn how to use online marketing to their advantage. Download the free guide by clicking here. Call URWA Consulting when you want help from a firm that represents you and only you for just a few hundred dollars a month.

Stop Marketing - Start Helping

     For the first few years of our consulting firm (URWA Consulting) existence we sold digital marketing consulting services, and we weren't too bad at it. We quickly grew to more than 100 accounts within 18 months. Despite that growth, something was missing. More important, we were missing opportunities to help our clients because we were so busy trying to hire and manage people to support our growth that we forgot why we first started our Denver area marketing firm.

     Today, we find businesses that want help, and we figure out how to help them. We leverage our relationships with vendors and our more than 45 years combined marketing and advertising experience to negotiate discounts for our clients, screen their marketing calls and solicitations, build their marketing plans, and manage marketing and advertising projects from start to finish. This let's our clients focus on their business. Just ask, Jon Dishler at Dishler Laser Institute, or Diane at Omni-Pac, or Boulder bankruptcy and crinminal attorney Paul Stuber. It doesn't matter if they want online leads, if they don't like their website, if someone is trashing them on Yelp, if they want to sell a product online, or they just want to know how to get out of bad and ineffective marketing programs. If we (URWA Consulting) can't help solve their problems, we are not the right fit for the Denver and Colorado Front Range businesses people that we serve.