Friday, September 11, 2015

Stop Marketing - Start Helping

     For the first few years of our consulting firm (URWA Consulting) existence we sold digital marketing consulting services, and we weren't too bad at it. We quickly grew to more than 100 accounts within 18 months. Despite that growth, something was missing. More important, we were missing opportunities to help our clients because we were so busy trying to hire and manage people to support our growth that we forgot why we first started our Denver area marketing firm.

     Today, we find businesses that want help, and we figure out how to help them. We leverage our relationships with vendors and our more than 45 years combined marketing and advertising experience to negotiate discounts for our clients, screen their marketing calls and solicitations, build their marketing plans, and manage marketing and advertising projects from start to finish. This let's our clients focus on their business. Just ask, Jon Dishler at Dishler Laser Institute, or Diane at Omni-Pac, or Boulder bankruptcy and crinminal attorney Paul Stuber. It doesn't matter if they want online leads, if they don't like their website, if someone is trashing them on Yelp, if they want to sell a product online, or they just want to know how to get out of bad and ineffective marketing programs. If we (URWA Consulting) can't help solve their problems, we are not the right fit for the Denver and Colorado Front Range businesses people that we serve.


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