Tuesday, September 29, 2015

5 Simple Steps to Successful Online Marketing

All buyers make only two decisions; whether or not to buy, and who to buy from.

The most effective marketing seeks to find buyers who have shown that they are interested in buying, and then influence their buying decision. You accomplish this by solving buyer problems, answering their questions, meeting their needs, and leveraging their behaviors to influence their buying decision.

Follow the following steps to start selling directly to buyers who have already decided to buy, and are deciding who to buy from.

1- Identify your customer types, groups, or personas.
2- Establish initial customer value (first transaction) and life-time customer values for each customer type.
3- Decide which type(s) of customer(s) you want more of.
4- Map the typical buying process for each customer type targeted.
5- Build a plan how, where, when, and what content and offers to use to influence your customers throughout each phase of their buying journey.

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