Thursday, February 8, 2018

URWA Consulting would like to welcome Otte Foods, an online grain free, natural sugar grocer as a new client. In this engagement we are working to increase their online sales by developing a strategy to help them more effectively get in front of consumers across the nation searching for more healthy food alternatives that are reasonably priced which aren't typically available at local stores.

In the short amount of time they have been working with us they have experienced an increase in sales from the implementation of some of our initial recommended marketing strategies. URWA Consulting; (303) 223-4988.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

URWA Consulting welcomes Seaman Family Dentistry of Lenexa, KS. as a new client. In this engagement we will be working with the client to increase their website leads and appointments, and align their digital marketing with their goal to expand their practice. URWA Consulting; 303 223-4988.

Solving the Biggest Digital Marketing Challenge; Generating High Returns

Organizations that are not generating returns from their digital or online marketing need to evaluate if their marketing and advertising investments are aligned with their organization or business goals.

When marketing efforts are linked to their impact on strategic business goals organizations can measure and optimize the outcomes that drive success. At that point, each dollar spent on marketing and advertising can be reallocated into the mix of marketing programs that generates the best results.  
When spending on marketing and advertising is aligned with the organization’s goals it will have a direct impact on the businesses success.

While TV, radio, and some traditional media sources remain important tools to reach consumers, the web has become the primary reference for consumers and businesses executives to investigate organizations, products, services, and people. Search engines, websites, chat rooms, directories, social media, and review sites are the tools most often used by consumers to learn about and communicate the companies, organizations, and people that they care about.

We’ve all heard the phrase “half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is that I don’t know which half.” Today, any business can use their own data to learn what works and what doesn’t.

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges to linking marketing with strategic goals is that many people in an organization affect marketing success, and need to be focused on the same goals. Another challenge that businesses and organizations face is that most marketing companies are selling services that measure results in a manner that isn’t at all related to their client’s strategic business goals.

Still another issue is that many businesses and professional practices don’t have strategic goals. Yet, its well documented that any organization’s ability to effectively allocate its resources to impact its strategic business objectives drives its success.

Aligning your marketing with your business goals starts with your strategic marketing plan, continues by understanding your what your top customers want, and making it easy for them to find and get, and ends by measuring and optimizing how you engage, convert, and maximize the value of each customer.

URWA Consulting will take you through the entire process of aligning your marketing with your organization’s goals so you can attract, engage and converting active buyers into customers, clients, or patients. Tell us about your situation using out website LiveChat, completing our Contact form, calling (303) 223-4988, or sending an email to

Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome New Client and FREE Online Marketing Tools and Training for Business Owners

We want to welcome OK Plumbing & Heating as  new URWA Consulting client.

The new  Free Tools & Training section of our website helps business owners and digital marketers. It is an ever-changing part of the URWA Consulting website that is continuously update with new marketing content. Users have immediate access to free marketing tools, case studies of successful online marketing programs from a broad variety of businesses and organizations, and articles on do-it-yourself lead generation, medical practice marketing case studies, and more.  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Clients at URWA Consulting

URWA welcomed Colorado Tire and Service, Vosco Moving and Storage, Clean Solutions, and Gene's Auto Repair as new clients in January, 2016.  Call us at 303 223-4988 for help.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

Residual Income Opportunity: Office Supply, Payroll, and Business Sales Reps.

URWA Consulting is one of a very few marketing firms that do not sell any products or services to our clients. Instead, we help each client define their goals, identify their top customer groups, map their customer buying cycles, and build, implement, measure, and optimize integrated marketing programs. Our firm is even more unique because our fee starts at $294 a month, we operate on a month-to-month retainer, and we have existing relationships with proven providers that deliver services to our clients often at substantial discounts.  

URWA Consulting will pay you a monthly residual income every time you introduce us to a client that hires us to help them with their marketing and/or advertising.

As an account executive, sales rep., or manager you benefit in four ways;
1. Earn a residual income every month your referred client retains our services.
2. Your clients' get the same marketing expertise as fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the cost.
3. Your clients' businesses grow faster with efficient marketing, and they may need more of your product or service.
4. You make yourself a valuable problem solver for your client, and help them.

To learn more about us, and review a list of our clients and what they say about our services, go to If you're interested in discussing the opportunity call (303) 223-4988 to speak with one of our Managing Partners (Warren or Jeff).