Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is Google Places Over?

Google looks like they will merge Google Places with Google+ Pages. It was reported that 80 million Google Places pages were replaced by Google+ Local Pages. Although we can not confirm this yet, we expect that this will ultimately become a reality. Talk to your URWA Consulting Media Consultant or Account Manager by calling 303 217-3993 or contacting us on the webite at to find out how this will affect your business, and what you can do to capitalize on the changes.

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  1. Google Places, which was a tool for businesses to manage their online listings and appear on Google Maps, was merged with Google+ in 2014. However, Google+ was shut down in 2019, leading to speculation that Google Places was also discontinued. While Google no longer uses the Google Places brand, the functionality of managing a business's online presence and appearing on Google Maps still exists through the Google My Business platform. So while Google Places may be over as a specific brand or tool, the concept and importance of managing your online presence on Google remains as relevant as ever.
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