Friday, November 6, 2015

Residual Income Opportunity: Office Supply, Payroll, and Business Sales Reps.

URWA Consulting is one of a very few marketing firms that do not sell any products or services to our clients. Instead, we help each client define their goals, identify their top customer groups, map their customer buying cycles, and build, implement, measure, and optimize integrated marketing programs. Our firm is even more unique because our fee starts at $294 a month, we operate on a month-to-month retainer, and we have existing relationships with proven providers that deliver services to our clients often at substantial discounts.  

URWA Consulting will pay you a monthly residual income every time you introduce us to a client that hires us to help them with their marketing and/or advertising.

As an account executive, sales rep., or manager you benefit in four ways;
1. Earn a residual income every month your referred client retains our services.
2. Your clients' get the same marketing expertise as fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the cost.
3. Your clients' businesses grow faster with efficient marketing, and they may need more of your product or service.
4. You make yourself a valuable problem solver for your client, and help them.

To learn more about us, and review a list of our clients and what they say about our services, go to If you're interested in discussing the opportunity call (303) 223-4988 to speak with one of our Managing Partners (Warren or Jeff).


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